Terme Cervia

Cures not just therapy, but it is a moment of relaxation and well-being that when he joins a holiday becomes a unique opportunity to rest and regenerate body and spirit.

The thermal properties have been known for centuries for their beneficial effects and more spas are frequently visited by many people, as well as the new plant cervese born in 1961 near a lush pine forest, secular and very close to a beach of fine sand and golden.

“Forest and Sea” recited in fact the first publications appeared at the beginning of the century, which is still to be considered the winning formula of the city.

The Terme di Cervia spas are one of the most advanced in Italy, with quality certification for ten years. Open from May to December, they offer to their visitors and patients naturally under close medical supervision with a wide range of programs and therapies ranging from art gym, swimming pool water with high salinity and mother still vascular, solarium for the application of thermal mud, departments equipped with rooms for mud bath, bathroom single bowl and massage.

The new baths of Cervia born in 1961, at the edge of the pine forest of Milan Marittima.Sono located close to the Natural Park, in a picturesque landscape, equipped with a fitness trail and miles of trails for quiet walks, on foot or by bicycle.


Acque e fanghi termali

Cervia has unique and precious water, water “mother” that comes directly from its centuries-old salt who in the past and was known for its many beneficial properties.
It ‘s this water that fills the large indoor pool.
Immersed in the green of the pine forest is considered an integral part of this, thanks to the large glass walls that allow to admire the paesaggio.La its water, which has a salt concentration of 6 ° Baume, is maintained at a constant temperature of 34 degrees . By means of lateral shoots, arranged at varying heights, you get an effective underwater massage during the course of treatment. From the ceiling, at regular intervals, rain drops to fresh water at room temperature to favor vascular gymnastics. Around the pool there is a large space for relaxation equipped with deck chairs, sun loungers and instructional videos for gymnastics in the water. The timing and methods of immersion are followed and constantly monitored by doctors and trainers.

Besides the main pool there is a smaller pool for individualized treatments with private instructor. The use of this pool is indicated for subjects self-sufficient, which can integrate with massage therapy and exercise therapy to be used both in water and in saline palestra.La produces not only water, but also a unique natural mud that studies chemical- biological turns out to be one of the rare examples of “liman” or sludge lagoon, formed by the slow sedimentation of minerals, such as bromine, iodine, magnesium and calcium, and organic matter of sea water in the bottom of the basins of the salt marshes. After extracting the sludge is mixed with the salt water and applied in a thin layer at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and can affect the entire body, making it the best method for the treatment of osteoarthritis, traumas, rheumatism and similar diseases. Exposing themselves to the direct action of the sun, or strolling and stopping in the sun terraces, you can associate the therapeutic efficacy of mud that del’irraggiamento solar.